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The important thing in trading is to determine when to enter the market (Entry Time) and when to exit (Exit Time). That timeliness will determine the profit from the transactions that we do. HTFOX signal is the information including the type of transaction (BUY/SELL) and the instrument being traded. We share signals and you just follow without the need to analyze charts, read economic news or trade for hours. The average time required is less than 15 minutes per transaction per day. Because our signal is a scalping signal. Trading with short timeframes. And from the transactions that we have done, the average accuracy rate reaches 80%. This means that this is quite good where a signal with 100% accuracy is almost impossible. It's the same as trading in general, sometimes it loses and sometimes it is profitable. If the profit is greater than the loss it will be positive profits at the end of the portfolio.

If you are interested, please follow the steps that we explain below.


The main requirement to be able to trade at the HTFOX broker is to have a trading account. For that you need to register a trading account first.
Simply click button below to visit registration page:


The other ways you can also register thru HTFOX platform
1. Through a web browser, please visit here
2. Through the android application, please download here or type "htfox" in the Google PlayStore search box.

The two methods above have more or less the same steps, only through different applications. Some screenshots that we show below is from the application for the desktop, you can adapt for the mobile application.

Here are the registration steps:

1. Open the application and see image as shown below then click "Participate Now".


2. Go to the next page, see the image below. Click "Register".


3. In this step, set up your email/phone to receive the verification code. Next, see the section marked with numbers in the image below. Click number 1, if you want to register using a phone number, number 2 if you want to use email. Then click the number 3 to select the country of origin. For the field, the first column is filled with the phone number/email according to the registration selected. The second column just leave it blank and the third column in the Promote Code section, fill it with the number: 2010214. Then click the number 4 , next step.


4. Open email or view sms if using phone number when registering. Enter the verification code in the column as shown below. See the timer in the circled section. If the time is up and the code has not been received, click the section again to request a new code. Tip: There is only 60 seconds for the verification process if it often fails because the time runs out before the code is entered, try a different way by repeating the previous step. If you previously used a phone number, replace it with an email or vice versa. Don't forget to click next step.


5. Next is the account verification process. Please select the tab 'More' at the bottom right as shown below. Followed by clicking the exclamation mark at the top. see image below.


Follow the steps one by one starting from 'Mobile phone number and email verification'.


Fill in your data correctly.


Wait until the verification process from HTFOX is successful. You can see the verified status on the verification page.


6. While waiting for the verification process, you can join our channel and group to get trading signal updates. Click the link below to join.

Join us to get signal updates and start trading now


If the account verification process is complete, you can login to the Membar Area. When you first open the application/trading platform, click 'Participate Now' and you will be presented with the login/register page. Select login, enter the data according to the data of registration. In order for us to be able to trade, we must have a balance in the account by first depositing funds into our account with a minimum value of $50, if your country currency is not US$ ,you will see the value in your currency on the deposit page. Deposits and withdrawals can be made through local banks. It's like a bank transfer in general. It can be via ATM, internet banking or other digital payments to the agent account number designated by HTFOX. Transfer destination data can be seen during the Deposit process. The time required for this process is a maximum of 24 working hours, in certain circumstances it can only be a few minutes.

It is recommended to use internet banking or mobile banking applications to simplify/accelerate the transfer process.
Follow these steps to make a deposit.

1. Select Tab 'More' at the bottom right of the page. Then click deposit.


2. First select the deposit value then select the Payment gateway . Ensure to checklist 'I agree to the terms and conditions'. Click Continue.


3. After selecting the Country of Origin (top-right) you will see the Account Number you want to transfer to. Make a transfer according to the amount listed on the button. If you have transferred, click the 'I have transferred...' button. Wait until you see the Balance value in your account has increased. If your deposit is successful it means you are ready to start trading.

It is highly recommended not to transfer to an account other than the one listed in your account during the deposit process to avoid fraud from irresponsible parties.

The withdrawal process is almost the same as the deposit. This is the withdrawal of funds from your trading account to your bank account number. The minimum withdrawal value is $20. And just a suggestion, if you have profits, please periodically withdraw your trading profits.
Follow these steps to make a deposit.

1. Select Tab 'More' as in the deposit above. Then click Withdraw.

2. Select 'bank card' then enter the withdraw amount in the withdraw amount column.

Please note that the payment gateway may be different in each country so please use the payment method that suits you.

How to Trade

This is an important part so that we can profit in trading. Please read carefully, follow the ways of trading by taking advantage of signals from us. Even though our signal has high accuracy, if the entry and exit are incorrect, it could result in loss.

Determine lot size
Lot is a unit of measure in trading transactions that we do which can directly affect the calculation of profit/risk in every price movement. For more details please visit Google here
We explain using an example of trading signals for the 'EUREXGII' instrument as below. For other instruments please do the same.

data sinyal

Above the name of the instrument/symbol is EUREXGII, then we look at our trading platform, select tab Trade and then click Stock/Index. Find the instrument and click SELL, because in this example it is a SELL signal.


See the page that appears as below.

Menentukan Lot Size

From the picture above, we trade with direct market execution SELL(1), at the price of 4303.25 (2), with a lot size of 0.5 (3), from that lot the balance / funds traded is $400 (4) and the remaining funds are $130 (5) because the current balance is $530. The instrument traded is EUREXGII (6). On this page, please type the lot value to be traded. Make sure the instrument is correct and the entry type/order direction (BUY/SELL) is also correct. If the available margin (point number 5) is negative, it means that your funds are not sufficient to trade with the entered lot value. There are 2 solutions, add your balance / funds by depositing again or reduce the lot value. Minimum lot is 0.01.

When you get signal information from us, please see the Entry Time, that is the time when you place an order. The standard time zone that we use is JAKARTA. There are a few things you need to pay attention to here before you click the 'Place Order' button to avoid a mistake:
  • Make sure your time conversion is correct according to the time zone you live in. Because it is not automatically in each time zone has a fix difference time in hour. Note we trade in minute time frame so the conversion should includes the minute even also the seconds. This is important because the signal type is scalping which only has a time span of a few minutes between its Entry and Exit. Our advice, you open the website and you see the current Jakarta time. Just follow the time conversion on the website. Or you download the mobile application on the PlayStore for time conversion then synchronize it with the time on
  • Make sure the order settings are correct starting from the lot size, the instrument being traded and the order direction (BUY/SELL). For that need to be prepared a few minutes before the time of entry.
  • Make sure the internet connection is uninterrupted.
  • If for some reason you are late in executing the order for more than 1-2 minutes, it's better to just cancel the order. Unless you are an experienced trader, understand market analysis and its risks.
If you are sure everything is correct then click the 'Place Order' button when it is time for entry. Click 'Confirm' if a confirmation box appears. Then the Order will be executed.
When the order has been executed you can see the details of the current order. Please select the 'Position' tab, then in the 'Position' section, click the current position, then there will be details of our order position.

Exit/Take Profit
We assume the order execution has just been executed. So please look at your order position while waiting for the time to exit from the market according to the trading signal from us. And keep an eye on the time zone as described above. It is recommended not to wait too long outside the time specified by the signal in the hope of getting expected profits. Because the price could reverse direction and result in losses. Or even a Margin Call due to insufficient funds to continue the trading position.
You click the 'Close Out' button, continue with 'Confirm' when it's time to exit the market, . Then you are out of the market. See the results in the History section on the same page. There will be recorded gross profit ( before deducting commission fees from HTFOX) , net profit ( after deducting commission fees), and other info.
From the explanation above, it may seem complicated to some of us, but actually it only takes a few minutes. If you are used to doing several orders, it is actually very easy. Please try it on a demo account first before trading on a real account.


HTFOX offers more income through Affiliate system. A system that will pay you if you manage to invite other people to join/register as a trader on HTFOX and make transactions on their account. Affiliate level reaches 3 levels. So if you manage to invite person A and person A invites B and person B invites C, then you can get a transaction commission from person A, person B and person C. With a different percentage of commission/lot/level. With a note we will only get Affiliate commission if they make trading transactions. Although the fees/transactions for trading at HTFOX brokers are relatively high, these will be returned to pay these 'affiliators' who have invited traders to join HTFOX. Anyone who already has an account on HTFOX can become an Affiliate. With the unlimited potential income from Affiliate commissions that will go to our Affiliate account. So there are 2 potential earnings from HTFOX, from trading results and from affiliate commissions.
You do this by sharing the Affiliate code in our account. In the Member Area, select the 'More' tab then scroll down and click 'Share to make money'. See the details in the image below.


There are 3 ways to promote our affiliate code: (1) Through the url link, (2) Scan the Barcode, (3) Share the code directly with others.



HTFOX FINANCIAL USA INC was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Colorado, USA. It is a dealer of the National Futures Association (NFA) and obtained the US government money service business (MSB) in 2019, MSB (408: Check casher, 409: Money transmitter, 415: Dealer in foreign exchange) transaction service business license;
Provide clearing and order execution services for futures and options foreign exchange products of major global futures and options exchanges (including CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE US, ICE EU, SGX, EUREX, HKEX, LME, etc.) for most regions of the world; Provide customers with global leveraged trading tools through CFDs, focusing on high-quality customer service, leading technology, and highly competitive trading conditions to provide customers with the best trading platform.


1. We 'TradingMT4' do not cooperate/affiliated/bind an agreement with the HTFOX broker/platform in providing this trading signal service. We are independent traders who work together as a team to get the trading moments that we think are right according to our experience. Any problems that may occur between the trader and HTFOX are not our responsibility. However, we are in good faith and voluntarily willing to help to the best of our ability if needed.

2.Trading is a high risk business but also with high profit potential. For this reason, traders who follow our signals must understand this, understand that traders are free to make their own trading decisions and know the risks that may occur. All losses incurred, directly or indirectly, caused by the trading signals we provide are not our responsibility. For that we recommend investing wisely, investing according to your ability to accept the risks of this business.

3. We in providing trading signals do not guarantee that our trading signals are 100% accurate. The description of accuracy that we convey on this page is based on the previous trading history results but does not guarantee the same results in the future.

4. We in providing trading signals do not guarantee how long we can provide this service. However, we will try our best to keep this service running.

--- Happy Trading ---

Wish you make profits