Frequently Ask Questions:

# Does your system work for binary options ?
  • This system is for MT4.Since you use Metatrader4(MT4) you can use RenkoStreet trading system. In other words,you can install this system in MT4 then use it to predict the market trend as the basis for your decision making in Binary Options.

# Can I use your system on a MT4 web based/webtrader?
  • To use the system you need to download MT4 then install into your local disk.As we know that we can not insall custom indicators on Webtrader.

# Can I load template of RenkoStreet on the Time Frame Chart?
  • Basicly,Yes.You can.But we do not recommended to do that.The system is designed specifically for Renko Chart.We worry you will get unexpected signals.

# Does the system repaint?
  • Yes.It does.Many people have had questions about repaint and non-repaint indicators of the system. I can say that do not worry about this type of indicator. The important thing is how to read the indicator itself. If you find non-repaint indicator,you will get it as flat or lagging or late. Vise versa. Because indicator is based on prices,moved by prices. There is no perfect system/indicator provide the real signal. The real signal is price itself. That’s why I combined 3 indicators to collaborate them and providing the best probability of profitable signals.

# RenkoStreet STF does not work.Could you help me?
  • At first,you can only use this indicator for the following currency pairs:
    Second,Please note that if you find symbolprefix in your currency pair,this indicator won’t work by default.You have to set it manually.Right click on your chart_Indicators list_Renkostreet STF_edit.
    GBPUSDecn, you can type "ecn" without the quotes.
    EURUSDm, you can type "m" without the quotes.
    Read more in the manual.

# Where is M2 offline chart? I could not find it.
  • Please install renko chart when market is open on Monday to Friday.Make sure that you have follow step by step instruction in Manual Guide.Or contact us for more helps.

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