Before sending any questions to us,we recommended you to read these frequently ask questions below:

# Does your system work for binary options ?
  • This system is for MT4.Since you use Metatrader4(MT4) you can use RenkoStreet trading system. In other words,you can install this system in your MT4 then use it to predict the market trend as the basis for your decision making in Binary Options.
# Can I use your system on a MT4 web based/webtrader?
  • To use the system you need to download MT4 then install into your local disk.As we know that we can not insall custom indicators on Webtrader.
# Can I load template of RenkoStreet on the Time Frame Chart?
  • Basicly,Yes.You can.But we do not recommended to do that.The system is designed specifically for Renko Chart.We worry you will get unexpected signals.
# Are Indicators of the system repaint?
  • The System is combined by all type of indicators.Repaint,no-repaint,flat/lagging,SR/Pivot,Trend Lines and coded to be the simple ones. As we know that there is no indicator provide real signal to us.It will be 2 options: repaint,non-repaint but lagging or flat.Because indicator is moved by the Price.The real signal is Price itself.So we combined all type of indicators to get the best result of signals.We have to wait triple signals confirmed then enter the market.
# After Drag and drop file: Renko live Chart_v3.2 into my EURUSD M1 chart, I cannot find in offline Chart EURUSD M2. I have tried with others pairs and I stil have the same problem. I followed exactly the installation process in manual PDF file. Could you help me to solve this problem?
  • Please Note that you can not install Renko Chart when market closed.There are two chart when you install renko.1 chart in TF m1 and 1 chart in TF M2 offline (here is your renko). Chart M2 is based on chart M1,so do not close chart m1 and chart m1 must be in the active MARKET to get price ticks.
# How long the process to get download link after payment completed?
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD.It means that once your payment completed,you will be notified download link via email.The same email you filled out in the checkout page.This is done automatically by web system.

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